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“A loving nurturing environment”Judy D. Bates
“Our daughter graduated from Miss Bella’s confident and prepared”Kara
“We knew this was the spot for our little guy!”Katie Sears Tivan

We believe it is important to listen to what parents and children have to say about our program, and so, we asked some of our previous families to post a review about their experience at our school. We have a live comments section so our families can leave comments about our program to help you decide if it is a good fit for your family.

Once you join the Bella family we will also ask that you also leave your comments about your experience so it will help other parents determine if Miss Bella’s is a good fit for them.

Choosing a preschool is a tough choice. Use other parent experiences to your advantage.

“Miss Bella’s is not an ordinary preschool”Alison S.
“A fun and caring environment”Kathy & Russ Held
“A find when we moved to this area”Beth

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  1. Manuela B.

    We absolutely love it at Miss Bella’s. It’s a very structured environment and kids get all the attention they need because there are at least two teachers per 10 children. It’s a very loving environment. I’ve seen such a change in my daughter since going to school here. Not only do they learn there abc’s, shapes, numbers, etc, they are also learning manners, how to be a friend and the list goes on. My daughter can not wait to go to school everyday, because they make learning fun. We couldn’t have picked a better school for her. They have beyond prepared her for kindergarten.

  2. Helen Adamo

    My son loved going to Ms. Bella’s. She always greeted him with a welcoming hug. He enjoyed the different activities she planned each day. It was nice watching him learn, while he thought he was just playing. He had fun on the field trips and looked forward to the end of the year pool party. Ms. Bella is a very special person, who loves what she does and it shows.

  3. Katie Sears Tivnan

    I could not be more grateful for having a dear friend so highly recommend Miss Bella literally from the time my Ryan was an infant. “When the time comes, you HAVE to send him to Miss Bella. She’s the best.” I agreed, without giving it a whole lot of thought…after all, it’d be forever till he went to pre-school anyway, right?

    Suddenly, the time came. And despite the fact that we have several other highly recommended pre-schools that are much closer to our home, as soon as we went to see Miss Bella and her teachers in action, we knew this was the spot for my little guy.

    The small classroom size…the two teachers to ten student ratio…is ideal for pre-schoolers. This is a time in a child’s life where he or she simply can’t receive too much attention. Or love. At this age, the kids are just learning the basics of the classroom…learning how to sit still, how to listen, how to take turns, how to obey…and these are all taught amidst the actual curriculum that Miss Bella and her team has put together.

    I know my son would have learned and grown at any of the other schools I would have considered for him. But I cannot express enough how MUCH he has blossomed in the past two school years thanks to attending Miss Bella’s. More than any curriculum she could ever teach him, it’s the values she espouses that are the most important to me. Good manners, being a good friend, loving one another. The world needs more Miss Bella’s in it…and I cannot thank my lucky stars enough that our paths have crossed.

    Seriously, if you have an infant or toddler, get your name on the waiting list now. You won’t regret it. As my friend once told me, “she’s the best.” And she really is.

  4. Mary and Michael B

    Miss Bella’s Kiddie Club Nursery School is the best kept secret in East Longmeadow for preschool. My husband and I could not happier with our choice to send our three youngest children there. We wish we had known about her school sooner! The above and beyond, tender loving care exhibited by each and every teacher and extended to all of the children is reason enough to be sold on Miss Bella’s.

    The school itself is an inviting, cozy environment for the children. I love that it is so private, in her own home and is “non-institutional”. The school room is packed with all things fun but learning based, the children are constantly engaged. I cannot describe the adorable and definitely not “cookie cutter”craft projects the children create and bring home. Not to mention, the gorgeous back yard play area with ample running space and plenty of equipment for optimum blowing off steam time!

    What most impresses us with Miss Bella’s is the absolute, heartfelt investment in each child as an individual. The teachers all have a beautiful and gentle spirit which naturally draws the children in and makes them look forward to going to school each day. My daughter literally asks every morning, “Is today a Miss Bella’s day?”. What a feeling to know how much my children love, love, love their school. I’m always met with an extremely happy, joyous child at pick-up time who wishes it wasn’t over yet! That’s all the confirmation I need.

    Lastly, the staff truly gets the concept of meeting your child where they are, developmentally, physically and emotionally and nurturing them from there. There’s never pressure, just encouragement. To us, this is invaluable. This is not a place where your child will merely be entertained for the day. They will be blanketed with love and a safe and happy environment to grow their little bodies, hearts and minds. Truly, this is THE place to give your child the ultimate and unforgettable start in their education.

  5. Kathy and Russ Held

    My husband and I highly recommend Miss Bella’s to anyone for their young kids. Bella and her staff are extremely energetic and loving. My oldest child went to a larger preschool. and when it was time for my middle son to attend we couldn’t even consider him getting lost in the shuffle at one of the larger schools, as he was incredibly shy and timid. Miss Bella’s program helped to encourage him out of his shell and his confidence grew during those years. Our youngest also attended Bella’s and we look back with much joy on those years in her program. They have a great curriculum and are always encouraging the kids to be creative. It is a fun and caring environment and, in addition to learning about school, they teach the kids life lessons about how to treat people.

    Definitely look into Bella’s, you won’t regret it!

    Kathy and Russ Held

  6. Suzanne Hanger

    My daughter is now 22 and a college graduate, but we still fondly remember her first ‘school’ experience with Miss Bella. Such a nurturing and loving environment; a place she always loved going to and we loved being a part of. Bella makes it a ‘family’.

  7. Necolle Peterson

    Both my children attended Miss Bella’s “Kiddie Club”. What an amazing experience! I was so fortunate to have been told about this local gem and both my children had the best pre-school experience a mom could hope for. From the homemade lunches, small class size and warm loving teachers my children flourished. My kids were so lovingly cared for and learned so much at the same time thanks to the small student to teacher ratio. I loved the drop off line in the morning, it was so convenient. It was never difficult to get my children to go to pre-school, they looked forward to it.

    I made so many great relationships with the other parents that I still have to this day, one being Miss Bella herself!

  8. Mary Schaller-Race

    I highly recommend Miss Bella’s! Both of my children loved Miss Bella’s and had wonderful memorable experiences there. It was a warm, nurturing, loving, family oriented, and educational environment that included engaging activities, fun outdoor playtime and a home cooked lunch. It truly was a wonderful preschool experience. Our family definitely made the right choice to send our children to Miss Bella’s!

  9. Lisa Chapdelaine

    My daughter went to Miss Bella’s preschool and absolutely loved it. Because it’s a smaller school the kids get a lot of one on one attention from the teachers. The school offers a perfect balance of play time and structured time. My daughter was always excited to show me what they had worked on that day. During the year Miss Bella has themes and guest visitors that the children really seem to enjoy. As a parent I really liked the fact that her day was a little longer than most other preschools around and she served them lunch too. The best part of Miss Bella’s preschool is how truly devoted she is to being a caring teacher and how much she enjoys the children.

  10. Kara

    Miss Bella’s Kiddie Club nurtured and loved our daughter, Mary, for two years. The environment at Miss Bella’s encouraged social skill building, balanced nicely with academics that challenged Mary at her own pace. Our daughter graduated from Miss Bella’s confident and prepared to enter kindergarten.
    - Kara

  11. Silvana Ayala

    I have 3 sons and two of the three were blessed with attending Miss Bella’s. When I moved back to EL my oldest son was two years old and I did not know about Miss Bella’s so he went to another Pre-k. To this day, 18 years later, I still hear ” I wish I had gone to Miss Bella’s.” Even he could see through his two brothers how special and amazing it was to be at Miss Bella’s and it truly was that wonderful of an experience for both of them. They are both very different boys yet Miss Bella’s met both of their needs. Bella knows her kids very well and has a natural ability to connect with each child in a special way. It was very difficult for me and my mother to even think about dropping off the boys and leaving them with someone else, how could anyone else love and take care off them like we could?? We immediately felt comfortable and realized that bringing your child to miss Bella’s is like bringing them to your closest family member or friend. In fact that’s exactly what Miss Bella’s became to us a family. The boys met friends and I met mom’s who have become our closest friends and they are part of our family as we are theirs. We thank Miss Bella for the happiness, love, security, friendships and family she brought into our lives 14 years ago and still today!

  12. Val White

    My two daughters were very fortunate to have attended Miss Bella’s preschool. I truly cannot say enough positive things about our experience . Miss Bella is such a kind and loving person. She welcomed our daughters every day with a beautiful genuine smile and a huge hug. They felt so welcomed and loved at her school. She still greets them that way when we run into her around town! To this day, they both say that Miss Bella is their favorite teacher ever!

    As a parent, I was impressed with the small class size and home like environment that Miss Bella created. This gave the children ample room and time for one on one activities and lots of fun hands on experiments. She worked with them on their manners during lunch and snack time and on their social skills throughout the day. Miss Bella also showed them that learning is fun!

    My daughters were both very well prepared for kindergarten after their years at Miss Bellas. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a loving place for their children to attend preschool.

  13. Hallie and Aaron Fox

    Our son, William, absolutely LOVED attending Miss Bella’s preschool. The nurturing environment Miss Bella and her staff provided was exactly what our son needed to blossom. The teachers at Miss Bella’s emphasize politeness, manners and especially how to be a good friend. It is a very close nit community of children and everyone is taught how to be kind and caring little friends.
    Another outstanding advantage at Miss Bella’s is the open communication Miss Bella and the other teachers provide to the parents. They are completely honest and objective with their concerns and praises. The staff at Miss Bella’s work as a team with the parents to nurture and teach each child how to be the best friend and student they can be. We truly miss going to Miss Bella’s.

  14. Kate and John Rucci

    MIss Bella’s Kiddie Club is like no other preschool. The warm, nurturing and enriching environment is beyond compare. Every child is individually encouraged to play and learn and grow at their very own pace. The calm and predictable environment makes it easy to thrive and builds confidence in even the youngest children. Older children develop skills in preparation for kindergarten but often leave ready for 1st grade!! MIss Bella and her fantastic teaching staff ensure that each child’s emotional needs are met first, which allows for optimum social interactions and learning experiences. Special projects create lifelong memories for the kids, moon walking, creative cooking, playing in the snow(EVERY DAY), field trips and the year end pool party are events that children cherish! Most importantly though, it was the ‘just like home’ familiarity, support and genuine concern for their well being, that our children wholeheartedly felt each day they were lovingly scooped out of the car every morning. We can say all these things with 100% first hand knowledge because three of our children attended Miss Bella’s Kiddie Club, three years each, from 2002-2011. We cannot recommend this school enough and feel that the decision to send our children to this school was one of the most important decisions we have ever made in providing them with a school foundation rooted in developing lifelong friendships, excitement for learning and confidence in their own specific abilities.

  15. Beth Dutille

    My two children are now in high school. To this day, they both say how much they love Miss Bella and are always happy to share their fond memories of their time at her school. As a mom, I can’t agree more! Both of my children, a boy and a girl, spent several years with Miss Bella. The environment Bella and her staff created of learning, caring, nurturing and fun was such a blessing and a “find” when we moved to this area. My children looked forward to spending time in Bella’s beautiful classroom and her backyard which, to be honest, is more like a park! Bella and her staff have a gift. That gift is in the way they relate to children. I really felt as though my kids were incredibly prepared for kindergarten not only with what they had learned thanks to Miss Bella, but through the confidence she nurtured in themselves and the ability to work other children. I truly cannot say enough about our experience with Miss Bella. I can’t imagine a better person, a better place to entrust my children with. To this day, I consider her a wonderful friend. As for my children, even though they are “big kids” now, they still have a big smile and a welcome hug for one of their favorite teachers ever!

  16. Lorrie McMahon

    I sent both of my boys to Miss Bella’s about 20 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I ever
    made. My boys loved Miss Bella’s school because she always made it fun and new for them with her amazing
    creativity. I loved it because I knew they were not only well cared for but were taught the fundamentals to prep
    them socially and academically. A+ for Miss Bella’s Kiddie Club!

  17. Alison Schechtman

    I have known Miss Bella for the past eleven years, as I have sent all four of my sons to her preschool program. I sent my first son there because, it was recommended, seemed like a nice place and, at the time, she was one of the only programs that was willing to take children who were two and a half. I sent my other three sons there because I felt that no other preschool program could possibly compare. I drove over 15 minutes each way for my sons to go to Bella’s when I had four or more other options that were all very reputable preschools just minutes away from my house.

    Miss Bella’s is not an ordinary preschool. It is very small, has a very low student to teacher ratio, and feels like home in many ways. The teachers at Ms. Bella’s are all very nurturing and loving (they often hug and kiss the children). The curriculum is rich and appropriate. It includes plenty of academic and important life skills as well as an inordinate number of creative art projects. Treating others in a kind and respectful manner is of utmost importance at school. Table manners are practiced daily as the children all sit down to a teacher-prepared lunch – I have never seen another preschool program do this!

    My boys have all LOVED going to preschool at Miss Bella’s. I am so glad that we waited until my fourth (and last) son was a week away from completing preschool to move to Georgia. No other preschool would seem quite right.

  18. Judy D. Bates

    Bella’s Kiddie Club provides a loving nurturing environment where children feel safe and eager to learn. My children were well prepared for kindergarten as Miss Bella and her staff provide a fun and challenging curriculum. The extended day and home cooked lunch made the transition to full day kindergarten seamless for my children.

  19. Lori

    My son Joey had the most amazing experience at Ms. Bella’s! He had so much fun learning and playing. He met life long friends there…and so did I!

  20. Deana

    Bella Andrukonis is an amazing educator. She truly has a love for teaching, and the environment is very nurturing and structured. My son has had a wonderful experience at Miss Bella’s Kiddie Club Pre-School. I am a stay at home mom, who has found it very difficult to “leave” my child in someone else’s care. After visiting Miss Bella’s Pre-School for the first time, my anxiety was relieved.. I felt confident that this small home Pre-School was the right fit for my son.

    Miss Bella and her staff’s knowledge and philosophy about children and childhood development are so in tune with what I believe makes up the important foundation for a successful pre-school experience. The love that she has for each and every one of her students, is amazing. She is very observant, patient, and caring towards all the children. She loves all the kids like they are her own. Every day my son came home from school, he always had a lesson he learned and wanted to explain, and he also would sing the new songs he learned at circle time. Not only is she a great educator, but she has a heart of gold!

  21. Kristen

    Leaving this comment to tell you how much my kids and myself adore Miss Bella and her staff. My son was there for couple years and my daughter is there now. I recommend to anyone parent out there, that Miss Bella’s is the place to go! She treats the kids as if they are her own, as well as give the kids the extra attention they need to excel in their learning and people skills.

  22. Monika and Marcin Solowinski

    Choosing Miss Bella and her amazing staff to guide our son Gabriel through his pre-school stage was the best decision we could have made for our child.
    They embraced and encouraged his bilingual up-bringing and helped him achieve new milestones as he learned in a nurturing but structured environment. We are in our second year and could not be happier with the progress our now “chatter box” son has made. We are certain that Gabriel will be ready for his next academic step next year, thanks to Miss Bella and staff.

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